April 15, 2010

Career issues for accompanying partners

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As a follow up to my last blog regarding Brookfield’s Global Relocation Trends Survey Report, it’s clear that the subject of partner relocation is a hot topic. Why else would blogs, websites and books be dedicated to the subject? Just look at what Robin Pascoe and Jo Parfitt have produced on this theme!

I came across a blog by Margarita Gokun Silver that focuses on what spouses and partners need in order to be satisfied with their career choices, and ways to help them look for employment if they feel they want or need to. The gist of the article is that more and more spouses are feeling dissatisfied with what is available to them in terms of employment and are unwilling to relocate without a job.

In order to support these accompanying spouses and partners, globalcoachcenter.com lists some things you can do. In particular, the blog cites coaching, specialized job searches, and offering training geared toward the spouse’s specific needs. To read the whole blog, click here.