May 7, 2010

Finding happiness as an expat

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I want to share a great blog from globalcoachcenter.com, called “7 Habits a Happy Expat”. I love to see a positive take on the expat experience, and here it is.

It’s easy to complain and be negative when things get tough, as they sometimes will. Expat life can be a struggle, but it’s a much richer experience if we can appreciate the rainbow on our way to the pot of gold.

The blog says it much better and in detail, but in one word each, here is what I took away from the 7 wise habits for expat happiness, also called THE WINNING SEVEN™ It has even been made into an online course.

1) Curiosity
2) Acceptance
3) Perspective
4) Opportunities
5) Realism
6) Sharing
7) Avoidance