Integration Project

We have just launched an exciting new project. The focus is on successful integration into the Norwegian culture. The goal is to create a practical, positive and personal book on the process and experience of adapting to a new culture. Specifically we want to delve into the experience of integrating into Norwegian society. The book will encourage understanding among cultures and create a more successful integration process for foreigners to Norway.

How will we do this?

The book will offer meaningful cross-cultural tools to foreigners in Norway, while providing those involved professionally in integration to welcome foreigners with valuable information. The idea is to incorporate personal stories from foreigners to Norway who have adapted successfully, as well as contributions from professionals working with cultural issues in Norway, and survey findings.

Why should you be involved?

If you have personally struggled or experienced the challenges of coming to a new country and/or culture, then you know how important it is to have the support and knowledge up front in order to pave the way. By having moved to Norway, you already possess some of the skills and knowledge needed to integrate. Why not use those to create something to help others going through this process? Besides, we would love to have you along for the ride!

We will be creating a survey as a first step in this project and putting it online. When you see it, we’d be very grateful if you could take 20 minutes to fill it out, and send the link to all your foreign friends and colleagues to do the same!

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