Kulturtolk means “cultural interpreter” in the Scandinavian languages and Dutch. Cultural interpreters have both the mindset and the skills necessary to create successful intercultural relationships and strategies on both a professional and personal level. Cultural interpretation encompasses awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences in motivation and communication, bridges these and deals with the uncertainty of cross-cultural encounters. These are essential skills for managers and staff on all organizational levels in today’s global multicultural knowledge society.

We create relevant cultural competence on an organizational, team and individual level.

Our methodology is based on state of the art know-how and research, as well as our team’s and partners’ solid experience.


Whatever need you have related to culture, we can help you. We have experience in design, development and delivery of:

  • Relocation and Integration training and related services
  • Country insights/Intercultural awareness training
  • Management/Leadership training
  • Teambuilding
  • Safety culture services
  • Diversity training

We offer inspirational and educational seminars and courses, as well as facilitation and coaching of organizational, team and personal processes.

Since 2002 we have successfully assisted over 90 major organizations in the private, public and NGO-sectors, in a diversity of industries, and have become a preferred supplier of cultural competence.