Bjoern Bjørn Christian Nørbech

Bjørn Christian Nørbech is a passionate interculturalist, and the founder of Kulturtolk.

Bjørn Christian is a native Norwegian with Swedish and Danish ancestors. Since his childhood he has lived, studied and worked in Austria, Germany, England, Switzerland and Argentina and travelled extensively to 37 countries. In 2007 and 2008 he conducted cultural studies in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, The United Arab Emirates, Oman, India, Thailand, Australia, South Korea, China and Japan. Bjørn Christian is fluent in Norwegian, German and English, proficient in the Scandinavian languages, and is working on his Spanish.

Bjørn Christian studied business at the University of Mannheim, Germany, and at the European Business School in London. His dissertation on “Norwegian Business Culture in Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions” earned him the Alfred Dunhill Award for the best dissertation of the year in 1999, and ignited his interest for intercultural management.

Bjørn Christian has 10 years of experience as a management consultant. The first four years he worked as a traditional management consultant with a focus on operational effectiveness. Since 2002 however, he has specialized in the field of national and organizational culture. As an interculturalist he has given trainings and advice to organizations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine and China in a diversity of sectors. In 2005 he was the editor and co-author of the book “GrandiosaLAND” which depicts Norwegian culture in a humoristic way. The book has so far sold in over 5000 copies and become a bestseller in Norway.

When he is not travelling, Bjørn Christian lives in Oslo, Norway with his wife Oddbjørg Reitan Nørbech.

Wind Øyvind Aamot Wind Øyvind Aamot

Given the name Øyvind which translates to the English ”islandwind” this man started early on cultural escapades and after graduating from high school …

with one extra year as an exchange student in the USA, he did not wait long before he set out to learn more about the ways of the world.In the 90s he travelled around in Europe and parts of Africa, spending long periods of work and study in Germany, France and Spain, which left him proficient in the related languages.

With music and theatre as a strong personal background he went back to Norway in 1997 and started his civil service as an entertainer and activator at an elderly home. At the same time he started his University studies.

After a sailing trip on a boat around the world he jumped off in China in 2000, and was later found there with a severe case of amnesia. With help from friends and relatives he made his way back to Norway again. From a base as “cultureless” he started his journey, or quest, which has brought him to where he is today, a culture lover who spends most of his time organizing multi-cultural cross-disciplinary events and collaboration workshops. He has reshaped and rediscovered his identity as a “person of a hundred homes”, and has gained much knowledge about memory, mind, culture and psychology by going through this process.

In the process of learning to live and love again he also took up his studies again, and by now he has spent all together 6 years at the University and College of Oslo in addition to 3 years at Guangxi University in China, leaving him with a Cand. Mag. Degree from Oslo and a portfolio of varied subjects, more specifically; Social Anthropology, History of Religion, Linguistics, Astronomy, Economy and Japanese, as well as Chinese language and Culture.

Wind has lived and worked several years in china as a consultant within business, travel and media, and in between his travels and globetrotting whereabouts he has been functioning as a conflict mediator for the Conflict Council of Norway since 2005.