What color is your world?

I love it when we find small gems of wisdom where we least expect them. A National Geographic Kids article was definitely a source for one of these gems. And sometimes children see the world with more clarity than we ever can. Globalcoachcenter.com posted a blog called “Who owns the truth?” Who does, indeed?

The National Geographic Kids article stated “you see color differently than the person next to you”. Margarita Gokun Silver elaborated with the following: “So the red color that I see isn’t the same red that you see or that the person next to you sees. Our “reds” are different from each other — and even if that difference is very slight — they are still different. Which is another evidence of the fact that reality is not really a given but rather an interpretation of what we see it as and of how we process it.” She goes on to provide a metaphor for truth but I will just keep it at colors and let you read the blog yourself.

Our perspectives are all subjective and influenced by so many variables, in which culture plays an important role. This reminded me of the quote by Anais Nin “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” We need to be reminded of that regularly, especially for those of us working in cultural awareness! Your colors are not my colors. Indeed.

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