September 9, 2010

Kulturtolk article published on IMDI Mangfoldsportalen

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Bjørn Christian Nørbechs article “Hva skal til for å lykkes med integrering?” was published on the front page of IMDI’s website “Mangfoldsportalen”. It delves into how you can get people from different backgrounds to communicate and work together effectively. What do those who are successful in integration do and how do they do it? This article covers these questions and gives some answers and general tips to leaders and others working with integration in Norway.

Here is an excerpt: “Hva skal egentlig til for å lykkes med integrering? Hvordan får man mennesker med ulik kulturbakgrunn til å kommunisere og samarbeide effektivt og lystbetont med hverandre? Er det noen som er dyktigere enn andre på dette, og hva gjør i så fall de? I denne artikkelen skal jeg ta for meg disse spørsmålene og forsøke å gi noen svar og generelle tips til ledere og andre i norsk arbeidsliv som ønsker å arbeide med integreringen i egen virksomhet.

May 22, 2010

International Experience Required!

USNews covers the trends for CEOs of American companies in Liz Wolgemuth’s article “What the Résumés of Top CEOs Have in Common”. You might be surprised (or not) to learn that 75% of Fortune 100 CEOs today have spent at least two years working in a senior position overseas, according to a new study by Healthy Companies International. This is great news for interculturalists, because it highlights the importance of cultural understanding and the need to provide that cultural training to these global leaders. Liz Wolgelmuth writes: “So much of what’s learned abroad concerns cultural differences. The trend toward international experience may signal how much companies now value employees who understand the differences.” If those companies are placing value on cultural competence, that means that more value should be placed on the services we provide. We are the ones who help leaders develop those skills and prepare for their next assignment, so they can lead more effectively in a cross-cultural setting. This may well be the perfect time to start promoting how your company can help fulfill this leadership requirement.