April 8, 2011

Is There an “Expat Culture”?

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Is it possible to spot an expat in a crowd? What sets expats apart? Is there an “expat identity”? Sarah Steegar, writer and anthropologist, considers the possibility of there being an “expat culture” in her blog ‘Being “one of us‘. I love to people watch and pride myself on spotting various cultures by shoes and clothing, body language, hair styles and hand gestures. But I have to admit that I have never spotted an expat. And yet, I am sure that expats have their own culture and identity.

April 25, 2010

Where are you from? – the dreaded question

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I’ve referred to Becky Grappo’s blog before. I came across a submission from April 13th on the TCK identity conundrum. There is definitely a pattern to how TCKs handle the question of roots, identity and the question “where are you from”? It’s pretty fascinating. This is Becky’s take on it and I wanted to share. I’m not sure that the link is not direct. You can find it at educatingglobalnomads.com under the “blog” tab or by clicking here and searching under “categories” on the left-hand menu for “Third Culture Kids”.