April 13, 2011

Preparing Future Global Leaders – OWN

Kristin Hayden is my heroine of the day. She is the founder of OneWorld Now! (OWN), an organization committed to developing the next generation of global leaders. They provide language skills, leadership training and study abroad opportunities for youth. We need more people with Kristin’s vision and dedication. She understood a long time ago that “if Americans are going to engage with the rest of the world better, they have to start with young people. Language is a gateway to communication and understanding. Travel is transformative.” Mandarin and Arabic are important languages that are largely ignored in U.S. public schools. Jerry Large, columnist for The Seattle Times, explains more about the program and Kristin’s mission in his article “Program gives kids global connections, understanding”. Click here to read the full article. On a side note, I have often wondered why, in addition to French, German, British and American schools, we don’t have Chinese and Indian curriculum schools for expats. Nothing wrong with those in place, but if we are to keep up with the world and its growing population, we should be offering more. Not only are more Indian professionals going abroad, but we know that their school systems turn out highly educated graduates.

March 5, 2011

Rules of Intimacy

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This is a very funny look at the rules of intimacy: space, conversation, greetings and nudity among the French, Americans, British (and Germans and Finns). Simon Kuper is a Brit living in France. He gets it right in “Don’t touch me, I’m British”, featured on FT.com. There are a lot of gems in this piece, but these lines stood out for me – “Generalising grossly: to Americans, conversation doesn’t imply intimacy.” And vice versa – “In France… you always flirted whether you fancied someone or not. The flirting meant nothing.”- So true. Lists of “Do’s and don’ts” are never set in stone, but there is always a seed of truth in them.