Higher ed and a hijab

An article in Aftenposten from May 12 highlights a subject that gets a lot of press in Europe in general, and Norway specifically: immigrants and education. But instead of taking a negative stance, it focuses on a positive and probably surprising fact for many – that half of 2nd generation immigrants to Norway go straight from high school to higher learning.

There is a growing trend that 2nd generation immigrants are doing well in school and see education as a better alternative to working straight out of high school. Too often there is the impression that Muslim women are kept out of school and pushed toward marriage and family. According to the girls interviewed for this article, neither the hijab nor strict mores (no alcohol) are stopping them from pursuing a university degree. This is a look at a positive trend and how these young men and women can be role models for other immigrant children and also be the catalyst to help overcome prejudice toward minority cultures in Norway.

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