Recent training and licensing

Anna Maria just took the licensing course in Self Empowerment through our partner Key Learning. Lars Terje Pedersen took a very engaged and personable approach to teaching us the ACE model. Two days were spent with a group of seven other Norwegian training professionals learning about motivation and personal obstacles to achieving our goals. The course was very hands on and interactive, moving us toward self-awareness. Lars Terje was good at asking the right questions to create debate and “aha!” moments. Now that Anna knows her ACE profile, she gets to test three others in it.

Anna Maria took the IRC (Intercultural Readiness Check) licensing course with Dr. Ursula Brinkmann in December. She spent two days in Amsterdam with other relocation experts, coaches and cross-cultural trainers from all over Europe. The tool measures four dimensions which determine how equipped you are for an intercultural situation. It was a lot to learn in order to grasp the development, design and data that go into the tool, which has now been taken by about 15,000 people! We use this tool in our cross-cultural training and will be used specifically in the Relocation business for individuals with international assignments. To get licensed Anna has to test and debrief five people. Two down, three to go!

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